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Crunchy Mama Granola began as a family ritual, and takes its inspiration from the beautiful island of Fidalgo on which we live. At its heart is a back-to-nature philosophy. Clean, crunchy and sweet, the taste is satisfying.


I started making granola for my kids, brothers and friends. As

with all labors of love, it has since evolved from a simple recipe

into a playful, nutty party of healthy, all-natural ingredients.

My husband, Randy, and I have experiemented with and tested

numerous combinations of ingredients while on the mission to

produce the best granola in the world. After almost a decade, we

proudly offer 5 delicious varieties that we hope will become a

staple in your pantry. 


I love pairing it with natural foods. Try it with Greek yogurt and berries, organic milk, or just on its own as a snack. You can also be adventurous, adding it to salads, muffins, pancakes, and even your dreamiest bowl of ice cream. 








​​The Crunchy Mama Story


As we grow our business and I get to listen to peoples’ stories about granola, I realize how varied its meaning is. To some, it’s crunchy oats with a few seeds. To others, it’s a vehicle back to the sixties, flower children and communes. One thing seems universal. It’s a cherished, comforting food, bringing generations together. 



From our table to yours - enjoy! 


         - Marcia Schneider

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